March 2018


Rethink Your Gym Wardrobe. The Glam Workout Clothes for Every Women.

Three years ago I hit the gym for the first time in my life. I’ve been hooked ever since. 5 days a week you can find me there. It helped me to get stronger and more disciplined. Now for me exercise is not just physical, it’s therapeutic too. So if you wanted to start exercising, just do it! Don’t wait until the New Year, or next month, or next Monday! Find your motivation, create your play list and do it today! I know for sure, that cute flattering active wear helps a lot to build confidence and break through self-judgement. And my friends from K_DEER are always there for you. Their leggings and active tops are so comfortable and fun. Totally recommend! Have a fantastic day and remember that it always seems impossible until it’s done.  Much love…  #kdeer #kdeergivesback #nopainnochampagne #strongisthenewsexy #collaboration #ad #madeinUSA

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