Right in time for my Birthday I’ve got this stunning 1 1/2 carat mystic topaz and diamond ring πŸ’. Mystic topaz is such an eye-catching gemstone and it’s for anyone who truly loves jewelry and loves making a statement by wearing it.
What a great idea for Mother’s Day Present! Did you know that mystic fire topaz is believed to bear not only physical, but also mystical and magical healing properties? For example:

✦Deflects Negativity
✦Strengthens Faith
✦Inspires Creativity
✦Releases Burdensome Emotions
✦Improves Metabolism
It’s right up my alley πŸ˜πŸ˜‰.
Thank you, @SuperJeweler for this gorgeous ring, I really love it! This ring makes a fabulous addition to my jewelry box. Because sometimes a girl wants to wear a little fire πŸ”₯!
P.S. I am also wearing my stunning @SuperJeweler 9 carat diamond white sapphire tennis bracelet.



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