About Irina

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I’m Irina and this is my small virtual home that I launched in 2017 . I am  Russian American, a  wife, a photographer, a dog lover, who loves her husband,  her two precious pups Prada and Bella, her job as a Family Photographer and enjoys to travel the world and to shop occasionally (well, who am I kidding?  Who shops a lot ;-)) .  I always loved to dress up (not only for occasion), but sometimes just to feel good or snap nice images to document my looks and style. It helped me to track the progress and to develop my personal style, which I call “smart-casual with tomboyish attitude”  . What started as a hobby lead me to wonderful opportunities and people who trusted me with  their styling and shopping  and from 2016  I also started to work as a personal shopper in Dallas Metroplex  and internationally.

I had the strongest feeling that I have to create my blog,  I knew I would do it eventually. Nowadays, when everybody has it and with my background in Fashion  Retail and Photography this was just the matter of time.  Well, here is that day. I don’t know yet if this will work (nobody knows), but you’ll never know if you won’t try, right?

I hope, we will be friends. Have fun and thank you!

If you want to get in contact please e-mail: myazurelife@gmail.com

Much love. Xoxo.