SuperJeweler Mystic Topaz Ring 💍

Right in time for my Birthday I’ve got this stunning 1 1/2 carat mystic topaz and diamond ring 💍. Mystic topaz is such an eye-catching gemstone and it’s for anyone who truly loves jewelry and loves making a statement by wearing it.
What a great idea for Mother’s Day Present! Did you know that mystic fire topaz is believed to bear not only physical, but also mystical and magical healing properties? For example:

✦Deflects Negativity
✦Strengthens Faith
✦Inspires Creativity
✦Releases Burdensome Emotions
✦Improves Metabolism
It’s right up my alley 😁😉.
Thank you, @SuperJeweler for this gorgeous ring, I really love it! This ring makes a fabulous addition to my jewelry box. Because sometimes a girl wants to wear a little fire 🔥!
P.S. I am also wearing my stunning @SuperJeweler 9 carat diamond white sapphire tennis bracelet.


The Perfect Pompom Toque

Hello, my darlings 😍. It was a very chilly weekend in Dallas and that’s why I was so exited to get my fabulous pompom toques from Canadian brand @Lindoffur. I was looking for my perfect winter hat forever… No, seriously, F-O-R-E-V-E-R, and I genuinely hated all of them! I thought I’m just not a “toque person”. Girl, I was wrong! If you are still searching for a fabulous perfect winter hat, please check them out. Not only they have a fantastic selection of colors, styles and pompom sizes, but you can design your own! And because I’ve got 3 (thank you again, lovely ladies from @Lindoffur), I actually ended up with 9 hats, because you can snap off and snap on any pompom from any other toque if you want it to match your current outfit perfectly. It’s simply genius. Btw, it’s very warm and made from 100 % Merino wool (which is very hard to find in stores). In general, that’s the best pompom beanie you can find IMO. Totally recommend and have a bit of obsession, and you will probably see many other pictures of me wearing my beautiful new toques 💕😉👍. In fact, I promise to post more of them 🤣. Awesome, stylish, fabulous! Please let me know, if you love wearing toques or if you have trouble to find the perfect one. Have a fantastic day, loves 😍😍😍
PS. has a 40% off until end of the month. Fantastic deal! 🤩👍


Happy Holidays!

Close your eyes and make a wish 🙏🎅🎁. I really do believe in you, let’s see if you believe in me 😄😍😉. Have a very Merry Christmas, my beautiful friends 😘! Thank you @armoire.for.all for sending me my fabulous party dresses. I’m totally ready to celebrate the season without breaking the bank 🌲🎁. Because you don’t have to wear a party outfit twice 😉👍

Preview of the Cruise 2019 Collection at Dior

It was a fabulous presentation of the Cruise 2019 Collection at Dior Dallas last night. Awesome service as usual and many very delicious eye candies. I found something special for my Christmas wish list 😉🥂🎁. Here is a little side story… I know it might sounds strange, but I was terrified to go to that kind of stores at the beginning. It felt like I am in a wrong place at the wrong time, even though I knew exactly what I wanted and saved hard to get that particular thing. I wasn’t enjoying the process and wanted it to end as quickly as possible. It’s not a luck of confidence that bothered me, but the “horror” of being judged. Am I good enough for this brand? Am I dressed ok for the occasion? What can I say.., I missed so much of fun!!! Please, if you want to go to one of the high-fashion stores, just go and enjoy it! Bring a friend, have a great time, play in a fabulous dressing room. Just feel free, because not only rich and famous can afford to have a blast 😉. And if you did it or planning to do, please let me know how was your experience? Btw, if you need a company or suggestion, I am always here for you 😊! Peace!

Fall 2018’s Biggest Trend – Animal Print

Girls, it’s back! An animal print, that some of fashionistas already considering as a neutral,  is everywhere. I am sure, you still have some version of it in your wardrobe and now it’s the time to rock it!  The most trendy are different kinds of snake skin prints in both, natural and very bold (like red) colors and a very eye catching zebra print. As good as it looks on other people, I wouldn’t personally pick it up for myself. The leopard print on the other hand, had always intrigued me. You know, it gives you that vibe, when you feel more confident and maybe even irresistible, if you know what I mean ;-).   This chiffon-like blouse is from Forever 21  and I got it from Poshmark for couple of dollars. There is however  a  Saint Laurent Blouse that will cost you a bit in case you want to invest in it :-).  As always, I am combining high street with some high fashion. My leather pants are from Alice and Olivia and they are the staple in my fall/winter wardrobe.  I’m sure you will see them a lot this upcoming season.  I also added to this look my Chanel Boy bag and Gucci belt, they go with everything! My shoes are the most fabulous Chanel slingback dupe from DSW. You can find  direct link in “shop the look” section down below if you are interested.  They are gorgeous and very similar looking. If you like the appearance, but hate the price on the original ones, these might be for you. I personally love them so much, that already thinking about buying a pair of Chanel ones, because I am absolutely sure i will get a lot of wear from them. But that’s on my Dream Wish List ;-). I hope you have one too, because you’ll be surprise at how quickly the Universe will move with you once you have decided.



Gucci Ace Sneakers.

I know, I know, I’m feeling that I am too late on this and Gucci Ace Sneakers are almost tacky  at this point,  but…   I also have a feeling  that these beauties are here to stay for a long time.  I wanted to give them a try. Because I am a sneaker girl in general, and have many different pairs of simple  white kicks, that I wear non-stop,  decision about this gorgeous, but pricey pair was somehow easy to make for me.  I ignored them for the longest time possible, but then I stopped by a local Gucci store and tried them on just out of curiosity. I wanted to know, what’s about them that makes  every fashion heart beat faster? I already knew,  sometimes curiosity might be a bad thing for my bank account ;-).  And  this was exactly the case. Not only they are very beautiful with many designs to choose from, but they are also so comfortable.., I fell in love right there. Side note: if you want to buy them online, size down at least one size.  I actually sized down one and a half size. Usually 38.5 in Italian shoes, I got this pair in 37. Mine are in the simplest, but already classic design with the bee embroidery.  This gorgeous all leather, very lightweight  pair of shoes became my instant favorite for the Month of July.  I’m making an excuse to wear them almost with everything in my summer wardrobe.  Therefore for me personally they were worth buying.  Because they are kind of a statement shoe, I like to keep everything else in my look very clean and simple. Here I am styling them with my  H&M  black t-shirt and Diane von Furstenberg White Shorts.  I am also wearing my  old Falabela  mini  Rucksack from Stella Mccartney and a Gucci Belt.  Just add some cool pair of shades and your sporty chic weekend look is ready.


It is not a secret that the Gucci Ace Sneakers  are an investment piece. If you like the look, but don’t want to spend too much on these, I found couple of great affordable options for you below. Much love. Peace.

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My Sale Picks from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The best sale of the year is finally here! As many of you know, this is the ultimate opportunity to get luxury labels at more affordable prices. I usually shop Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for timeless favorites (like leather jackets, coats and more pricey shoes), or statement pieces, if I don’t wanna spend the full price on trendy things.  This sale is perfect for that. Note, this is not a summer clearance sale. This sale is your opportunity to buy current pieces from the new upcoming F/W 2018 season for super-sale price, that will go up  after the sale ends..  And that makes this event so exiting as Christmas in July ;-).  If you like my style and trust my choices, I already did a huge work picking the best (IMO) items for you, that might sell out super quickly.

Nordstrom cardmembers?  Get an early access from July 12, while public access begins July 20 and ends August 5.

How can you get ready if you are not a Nordstroom cardholder? Make your shopping list now and be prepared to grab what you can before sizes and colors run out. Here’s a look at some of the deals I picked for you.

Coats. If you are thinking about this perfect leather jacket, now is the time to grab one of those.  How amazing is this Faux Shearling Moto Jacket ? I also included some of the bestsellers like this  Suede Moto Jacket from
BLANKNYC.  A great Leopard Faux Fur Jacket  is a neutral  for now and  pretty much a must have in a fashionista closet, as well as a  Classic Wool Coat or beautiful trench  . I also include couple of trendy pieces like this gorgeous Mixed Faux Fur Jacket and Lavender Star Coat .  

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Shoes.  I am loving the sale selection in shoes. Very trendy pieces like these Studded Chelsea Boot or these Glamorous Moto Bootie I totally will buy myself for upcoming season. And how beautiful are  these Over the Knee Boots ? So many good choices to restock your shoe collection.

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Tops. As we can see from the sale, balloon sleeves are going strong F/W season also. This White Sweater and Red Jacket are right up my street.  Also still going a stripes trend and here I have my favorites like this Striped Cardigan  or this Classic White Blouse  with gorgeous ribbon detail in the front.  Some classic jackets are always good idea and cozy sweaters are irreplaceable for the winter time.

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I hope you find my sneak pick of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale useful and entertaining. I’ll do some of my Accessories and Bags sale picks soon.  Stay tuned if you are interested. Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment , I’ll be glad to hear your opinion on the sale in general and on your favorite pieces.

Gucci Vibes

Hello, my darlings, here is another style tip for you to make your outfit look more… let’s say “upscale” or “fashionable”.  With all these Gucci Vibes going around for the past couple of years, you just can’t ignore it anymore. We love crazy stripes,  bold colors and statement details that brand has to offer. The only thing is not all of us can spend a small fortune for a top or pair of shoes.  And you don’t have to. Here is the simple way to achieve this desirable Gucci look without breaking your bank account.

We all have a simple (or maybe not that simple) white shirt or blouse. If not, check out links down below for some options.  The secret is this beautifully done striped bow tie. The easiest way is tying a bow  from striped ribbon, that you can find at any craft store. If you are a DIY girl, it can be a fun and very cute project (or an awesome gift idea) for you and your girlfriends. Add some kind of brooch, pin crystals, even bee decorations and you have your own, original “designer inspired” jewel, that you can use on many different occasions.  Etsy also have some fabulous styles to offer. Linking couple of them as well.

Now you can style it as you desire. I am wearing my old Zara navy blue sailor shorts with golden accents and red heels from Prada.  Again, there are some options for you, feel free to check it out.

Last but not least trow on a fabulous pair of black shades  and you are good to go. @foster_grant_sunglasses kindly sent me a small collection of great shades  and let me tell you, I was really surprised how chic,  glamorous but really affordable they are.  Check them out if you love sunglasses as much as I do.



Black and White .

Do you love the black and white combo as much as I do? Spring is here and so is this fashion trend for 2018. Or is it a trend? Looks more like a timeless statement to me. So elegant, classy, yet very easy to create and to wear. I started this look with a long shirt-blouse and added a black tie from my old Zara jacket. My leather pants are from Alice and Olivia and rather an investment piece. But I wear them non-stop, so it was worth to bite a bullet ;-). It was a bit chilly and I decided to put a white short-sleeved knitted vest on just to feel comfortable on a windy early spring day. It was a perfect occasion to rock my baker boy cap, that having a significant style moment. Mine was from Forever 21 and sold out, but I’ll put some options down below. My white boots were my obsession this winter and they totally making the spring look complete too. My favorite black leather jacket wraps this edgy and chic outfit. Voilà ;-). Love the total look, to me it’s anything but basic and you can adapt it to your personality and comfort level. Have a fantastic day, loves.


Fall Trend: One Shoulder Vibe

Yes, this trend is not going anywhere soon.  Open shoulders that we rocked all summer are perfectly transitioning into fall 2017.  And I am glad it does. I just love how it’s flattering to any body type, and still look sexy and elegant at the same time.  I found one of my current favorites at Nordstrom and it’s under $50. Love everything about this top.  Especially its statement details – from the oversized bow to the shoulder-baring neckline to the single split sleeve, that keep this cotton top on trend.

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