💜Wisteria 💜/ Staying at Home Week Two

Social distancing will be our new normal for the next few weeks along with working from home. Keeping some normality in our personal lives is very important to prevent isolation and depression.

The world as we know it has changed quickly in a matter of days. So many of us have had to cancel everything because of the outbreak. Life as we know it has come to an unknown halt.

We had to cancel our Spring and Summer trips to Europe to meet with our parents. So quickly has this pandemic taken over our daily routine. But staying at home and practicing social distancing is our best line of defense of protecting ourselves and our loved ones during this uncertainty.

What we can do to keep our mind, body and soul healthy?

  1. Try to keep your usual routine. It suddenly seems that we have so much time. Do not try to manage everything at once. There is a risk that you won’t be able to finish each project, which can bring depressive mood. Instead, start with one small project and go on. (Organize your closet, clean kitchen cabinets, dust your chandeliers – that’s a fun one, do some gardening, only few to think about…).
  2. Make every day video calls with your family and friends. With the situation changing every minute, be sure to stay in contact with your loved ones.
  3. Keep working out. If you never did – now is perfect time to start. There are many great routines on YouTube, that are worth trying. I’m sure you’ve heard that it’ll make you feel happier, so release those endorphins 😊 .
  4. Watch your old time favorite movies and finally finish this boring but very smart book you started to read in 2015 😊.
  5. Show more love to your family and pets. They need it as much as you do. A little more attention to their needs doesn’t take much time while making the social distancing more bearable, because you have each other.
  6. Learn something new online. Take Photoshop lessons, cooking classes, watch make-up tutorials or how to do your own mani-pedi (very important right now 😊). You also can go back to school and finish your MBA, it’s up to you. Just learn something!
  7. And last, but not least, try to look presentable while staying at home. It really helps you to stay more focused and organized, and feel better in general.

I hope you are doing well. Stay healthy and fabulous.

Much love! 💗

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EMMA Vegan Nail Polish

It’s too peopley outside 😉. Staying home this Sunday, enjoying my dogs’ company 💞🐾.
You know, that there is a great way to extend your love for animals to your actions by using vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics and personal care products? So when I heard about @emmabeautyla nail polish products, that are completely free of animal byproducts and aren’t tested on animals, I thought “Yes, girl👍✌️💞🐾! I love wearing nail polish and now I can enjoy it worry-free”!

All EMMA BEAUTY polishes are 12+ Free! And that’s a wonderful thing! It means that all EMMA BEAUTY polishes do not include the most commonly used toxic ingredients or animal derived ingredients. They also PETA certified cruelty-free and vegan! How great is that?

Thank you #emmabeautyla for this beautiful gift. I found the most perfect neutral shades in your #LAManicureCollection and I’m in love!

iHome Aquio Bluetooth Speaker and Hydration Bottle

As some of you might know already, I can’t imagine my life without gym or some outdoor activities.  And I found a perfect addition to make my routines more fun. I finally got an ultimate accessory for any outdoor enthusiast. The 16oz double-walled stainless-steel bottle perfectly holds your liquids cool,  while the modular detachable 5-watt Bluetooth speaker lets you listen to music anywhere. And you can either twist it off or use it right on the bottle. When connected to your smartphone, the removable speaker also doubles as a speakerphone.  The iP67 rated  water-  and sand-proof speaker also makes it an awesome beach bag addition and actually sounds quite good with a 360 degree throw. It has digital echo cancellation for speakerphone use and provides audio caller ID… yep, you can talk to your water bottle while taking a long walk 😉👍😄. Btw, battery life is up to 6 hours and is fully rechargeable.

Thanks to @aquiobottles I now can stay cool and listen to my favorite music everywhere.  Also wouldn’t this make a great gift for someone who loves to be outdoor, work in the garden or just sing in the shower?😉👍.  Absolutely love it! Check @aquiobottles and get 25% off with the code Gift25 during the holiday 2018 season! Have a fantastic week ahead and #hydrateyoursoul 👍😍❤️

Rethink Your Gym Wardrobe. The Glam Workout Clothes for Every Women.

Three years ago I hit the gym for the first time in my life. I’ve been hooked ever since. 5 days a week you can find me there. It helped me to get stronger and more disciplined. Now for me exercise is not just physical, it’s therapeutic too. So if you wanted to start exercising, just do it! Don’t wait until the New Year, or next month, or next Monday! Find your motivation, create your play list and do it today! I know for sure, that cute flattering active wear helps a lot to build confidence and break through self-judgement. And my friends from K_DEER are always there for you. Their leggings and active tops are so comfortable and fun. Totally recommend! Have a fantastic day and remember that it always seems impossible until it’s done.  Much love…  #kdeer #kdeergivesback #nopainnochampagne #strongisthenewsexy #collaboration #ad #madeinUSA

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